Get connected better with God, others, and your destiny.

Take a look at the opportunities here at The Woodworker's Church for you to engage with our church family, grow in your faith, and feel a sense of belonging to the body of Christ by living out your purpose.


Small Groups

Here at The Woodworker's Church 

we believe people's lives change in the context of relationships. Life is not meant to be lived out alone! The greatest transformation happens within community. It is in community we grow in our faith and become one in the body of Christ.  The best way to become a part of our community at The Woodworker's Church is by joining a Small Group.


Prayer is a vital way to communicate with God and connect with other believers. Through prayer we lift each others burdens up to God, fight off the enemy's attacks and stand in faith for things hoped for, and the promises of God. The Woodworker's Church is truly is a Church that prays. Join us in lifting up the needs of our church family and the world around us.


Serving in the local body or in our community is a wonderful way to fulfill The Great Commission by sharing the Love of god through our acts of service. We have many serving opportunities throughout the year for you to be involved with. Explore these opportunities at The Woodworker's Church and live out your purpose by serving others with your God-given talents. 

Your generosity makes a difference....